• Union River: Poems and Sketches

Union River: Poems and Sketches

Available via Small Press Distribution

by Paul Marion



Poetry. Spanning more than forty years of writing, UNION RIVER takes us across the national landscape and mindscape with poems and sketches that delve into our common experience. This lyrical Americana address combines memory work, ecstatic reports from the field, invented scenes, street voices, blog posts, daily news, and representations of life in these states. Writing in closed and open forms, Marion works the language for the best it can give. He shows us the difference between looking and seeing, between hearing and listening, between knowing and understanding. Our nation is a place of grandeur, pain, constant churn, and regular renewal. Every person makes the democratic republic new each day, for good or bad. Paul Marion wants us to use "America" as a verb, an action word.

This book was published by Bootstrap Press. Click here to order it on the Small Press Distribution website.