• The Fogg: Poems

The Fogg: Poems

In Print

by Alfred Bouchard



The Fogg is a stunning debut by an "old soul" and experienced voice in the person of Al Bouchard. The collection includes a penetrating sequence of poems written in response to artworks in the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University, along with a range of other poems dealing with the relations of men and women, existential questions that pose themselves on the street, and dreamscapes that beg meaning.

The Fogg is a map of real and imagined streets, famous and obscure paintings and the minds of the figures in those paintings. The poems found here are layered with detours, cluttered with ordinary objects made metaphysically strange . . .This book proves a capable and honest map of our human sphere.

--from the Introduction to The Fogg

Poet Matt Miller writes: "To call The Fogg a first book is to ask too much of a first book."