• I Am the Poem

I Am the Poem

In Print

by Thomas Mofford



Thomas Frederick Mofford (1931-2016) received a degree from Tufts University and pursued graduate studies at Boston University, Boston State College and Simmons College. Tom's poetry appeared in  numerous publications, but has not been collected until now. He believed poetry was meant to be performed and often presented his own in front of audiences. Married to author-historian Juliet Haines Mofford for 60 years, they traveled from the West Indies to Japan and Spain with their children, teaching and engaging other cultures. He developed a pilot program in media literacy and film studies at Andover High School and was a charter member of the New England Screen Association. A curricula reviewer for Scholastic, he was also a reference librarian at Memorial Hall Library, Andover, and acted in numerous theater productions. For 20 years he taught English as a Second Language at Northern Essex Community College. 

"Tom lived a literary life as a writer and reader and was particularly admired for his public readings. All his life Tom was in love with learning. He possessed a deep curiosity about people everywhere and never ceased to be amazed by the wonders of the world. A dedicated wordsmith, he never went anywhere without his tattered dictionary. 

--Juliet H. Mofford

"Tom was a teacher in every fulfilling sense of the word!"

--Daniel Ford

"Mr. Mofford opened minds, possibilities, thinking--teaching young people to think critically and outside of the box... He not only elicited discussion, he inspired it..." 

--Cathleen Coburn