Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson is from Lowell, Mass. He’s dabbled in midwifery for more than one unplanned homebirth (see evidence below). He’s worked as a copy editor and has taught creative writing at juvenile detention centers as well as universities. His poems and reviews have appeared in journals and anthologies, most notably: Renovation Journal, Entelechy International, Poetry International and Margie: The American Journal of Poetry. Robinson’s fiction, photos, art and articles have appeared in The Surfer’s Path, The Surfer’s Journal, Powder, Bike, Surfer and Eastern Surf Magazine. He appears in an award-winning short film by James Higgins (three non-speaking roles, you’ll never find him). He’s attempted stand-up comedy six times (bombed twice). His children, Griffin and Oona, were brought to you by his wife—the talented and generous artist, Anna Isaak-Ross (who dislikes parentheticals). He loves to surf, bodysurf, scuba dive and travel whenever possible.


  • Sweeney in Effable

    Sweeney in Effable

    In Print

    by Dave Robinson

    Sweeney in Effable contains five books focused on decades of exploits and artwork perpetrated by one character, Sweeney O’Sweeney. This contemporary protagonist is based on the anc… $35.00
  • Sweeney on-the-Fringe

    Sweeney on-the-Fringe

    by Dave Robinson

    “Owen Kivlin, the narrator of Dave Robinson’s novel Sweeney On-the-Fringe,sidles up to the reader as unassumingly as Ishmael and announces that he’s got a tale to tell. And what a … $15.00