• What Is the City?

    What Is the City?

    In Print

    by Paul Marion

    "What is the city but the people?" asks Sicinius in Shakespeare's Coriolanus. In these poems, meet the people in Paul Marion's real and imagined city: Manny and Maria, Jimmy Allen,… $15.00
  • Smokestack Lightning: Stories

    Smokestack Lightning: Stories

    In Print

    by Stephen O'Connor

    "Emotional, rich in word craft, Stephen O'Connor's short stories continue to evoke strong responses and a solid following of readers at The Houston Literary Review. We are fortunat… $15.00
  • Sweeney on-the-Fringe

    Sweeney on-the-Fringe

    by Dave Robinson

    “Owen Kivlin, the narrator of Dave Robinson’s novel Sweeney On-the-Fringe,sidles up to the reader as unassumingly as Ishmael and announces that he’s got a tale to tell. And what a … $15.00
  • Strong Place: Poems '74-'84

    Strong Place: Poems '74-'84

    The first full-length collection of poems by Paul Marion, whose writing Apple Tree Review described as "clear, precise, and earthy." Stony Hills compared the poems to those of… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Apples and Oranges (1986)

    Apples and Oranges (1986)

    This chapbook includes poems set in New England and Southern California, where Marion had lived in the mid-1980s. The poem "A Higher Level of Notation" was commissioned by the… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Middle Distance (1989)

    Middle Distance (1989)

    Written in the spirit of Gary Snyder's bioregional literary ethic, this full-length collection advances Paul Marion's hyper-local writing project. The book opens with quotatio… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • The Loom Reader (1986), ed.

    The Loom Reader (1986), ed.

    This chapbook-style anthology of poems by nine writers includes early work by Maurya Simon and Juan Delgado, graduates of the University of California, Irvine, MFA Poetry Workshop.… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Chanthy's Garden (1988)

    Chanthy's Garden (1988)

    by George Chigas

    A powerful sequence of poems based on the experiences of a young woman, a refugee from the "killing fields" of Cambodia who resettled in the United States in 1981. The poems i… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Merrimack Poetry Anthology (1992), ed.

    Merrimack Poetry Anthology (1992), ed.

    by Kathleen Aponick, Jane Brox, Paul Marion

    a collection of poems by 52 writers from the Merrimack Valley of New England. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Vital Records

    Vital Records

    Vital Records: Poems from the LIRA Writing Workshop (1994), ed. In chapbook format, poems by 12 writers from three poetry workshops that Marion led in 1992 and 1993 for the U… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • No Image

    Hit Singles (1995)

    Out of Print

    by Paul Marion

    Fourteen poems in chapbook form, all of which were published one by one in literary journals, magazines, and anthologies, such as Yankee, Bohemian (Japan), The Salmon (Ireland), Be… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Generator Room(1999), ed.

    Generator Room(1999), ed.

    by David Ireland, James Coates and James Higgins

    A photo-documentary catalogue of an innovative public art project at the nineteenth-century Boott Cotton Mills of Lowell, Mass. The book captures David Ireland's vision for reclaim… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Fractured Identities; Cambodia's Children of War

    Fractured Identities; Cambodia's Children of War

    by james Higgins and Joan Ross with Sovann-Thida Loe

    In this photo-documentary book, Higgins and Ross trace the changes and growth among young Cambodian-Americans in the ten years since the publication of their book Southeast As… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • French Class (1999)

    French Class (1999)

    French Class (1999), by Susan April, Paul Brouillette, Marie Louise St. Onge This book is an important contribution to the literature of New England. In their poems, essays, and j… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Baptism in the Merrimack (1999)

    Baptism in the Merrimack (1999)

    This chapbook-length collection of writings starts out in Lowell, Mass., and winds its way back to the author's ancestral home in Rapidan, Virginia,  along the Rapidan River. … $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Lost Baggage

    Lost Baggage

    Out of Print

    Charles Levenstein's poems touch down in familiar and strange territory. He maps the interior landscape whose signpost bears his own name. Home and away, back and forth, old and ne… $0.00 Currently Unavailable