• Voices of Dogtown

    Voices of Dogtown

    In Print

    by James R. Scrimgeour

    "With Voices of Dogtown, James R. Scrimgeour has written an imaginative insider’s guide to New England’s most enigmatic setting. Dogtown’s distinctive terrain provides the backstit… $15.00
  • I Am the Poem

    I Am the Poem

    In Print

    by Thomas Mofford

    Thomas Frederick Mofford (1931-2016) received a degree from Tufts University and pursued graduate studies at Boston University, Boston State College and Simmons College. Tom's … $15.00
  • The Value of Political Capital

    The Value of Political Capital

    In Print

    by Dennis DiZoglio

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a mayor?  Well after serving three terms as a mayor and being a local and regional government official for over thirty-five … $15.00
  • There It Is: New and Selected Poems

    There It Is: New and Selected Poems

    In Print

    by Michael Casey

    In 1972, Michael Casey won the Yale Younger Poets Prize for Obscenities, a collection of poems drawn from his military experience during the Vietnam War. I… $15.00
  • Union River: Poems and Sketches

    Union River: Poems and Sketches

    Available via Small Press Distribution

    by Paul Marion

    Poetry. Spanning more than forty years of writing, UNION RIVER takes us across the national landscape and mindscape with poems and sketches that delve into our common experience. T… $15.00
  • History As It Happens: Citizen Bloggers in Lowell, Mass.

    History As It Happens: Citizen Bloggers in Lowell, Mass.

    In Print

    by Richard P. Howe Jr. and Paul Marion

    History As It Happens: Citizen Bloggers in Lowell, Mass. features writing and photographs by dozens of contributors from the first ten years of the RichardHowe.com blog, 2007-2016.… $20.00
  • The Witch at Rivermouth

    The Witch at Rivermouth

    In Print

    by Stephen O'Connor

    Minerva Herrera, a strong believer in the Catholic faith, marries Nestor McCorley, who is reluctant to believe in God given his years of religious schooling. Despite their religiou… $15.00
  • Sweeney in Effable

    Sweeney in Effable

    In Print

    by Dave Robinson

    Sweeney in Effable contains five books focused on decades of exploits and artwork perpetrated by one character, Sweeney O’Sweeney. This contemporary protagonist is based on the anc… $35.00
  • Art Lessons: Reflections from an Arist's Life

    Art Lessons: Reflections from an Arist's Life

    In Print

    by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

    Part personal story and part reflection, Art Lessons contains 7 essays. Each begins with a hand-lettered quote and contains hard-won truths that apply to all the arts and life itse… $10.00
  • The Big Move: Immigrant Voices from a Mill City

    The Big Move: Immigrant Voices from a Mill City

    In Print

    by Robert Forrant and Christoph Strobel

    Robert Forrant and Christoph Strobel under contract to Lowell National Historical Park, defined, researched and created an ethnographic overview of immigrant communities, past and … $10.00
  • All in Good Time

    All in Good Time

    In Print

    by Paul Hudon

    Historian and regionalist, Paul Hudon is the author of The Valley & Its Peoples: An Illustrated History of the Lower Merrimack. His new book of poems, All in Good Time is a yea… $15.00
  • Bridges to Kerouac

    Bridges to Kerouac

    In Print

    Reflecting on the deaths of Paul Tsongas and Allen Ginsberg within a few months of each other, poet Mark Schorr was moved to illuminate them in the same poem. For many years, "O Mi… $10.00
  • Cameo Diner

    Cameo Diner

    In Print

    by Matt Miller

    "The work of Matt Miller is full of this thing called conscience. This is not a writer pining for a stint on a famous talk show, or eager to 'network' to find out about the next li… $12.00
  • Mid Drift

    Mid Drift

    by Kate Hanson Foster

    The poet Major Jackson, author of Holding Company (2010) had this to say about Hanson Foster's Mid Drift: "Hanson Foster dramatizes life (real people and places) in language: and t… $15.00
  • Spirits Dancing Into Light

    Spirits Dancing Into Light

    “When I started writing poems, I felt uncertain about the appropriateness of writing about someone else’s burdens and pain. But the more I talked with my Cambodian friends about th… $15.00
  • Bridge Street at Dusk

    Bridge Street at Dusk

    In Print

    by Tom Sexton

    In Bridge Street at Dusk, Tom Sexton returns to a place he never really left, the city that does not change and always changes. He sees the city in the distinctive subtle light to … $15.00
  • The Dreams of Mary Rowlandson

    The Dreams of Mary Rowlandson

    by Hillary Holladay

    This poetic sequence tells the story of Mary Rowlandson, the Puritan woman captured by Indians in 1676. Using epigraphs drawn from Rowlandson's own captivity narrative, The Dreams … $12.00
  • The Fogg: Poems

    The Fogg: Poems

    In Print

    by Alfred Bouchard

    The Fogg is a stunning debut by an "old soul" and experienced voice in the person of Al Bouchard. The collection includes a penetrating sequence of poems written in response to art… $15.00
  • A Trip Down Salem Street - by Walter Bacigalupo

    A Trip Down Salem Street - by Walter Bacigalupo

    by Walter Bacigalupo

    Walter Bacigalupo creates a world of place and a world of memory in this collection that connects a personal past to an ever-changing present. Starting at a café, a concert hall, a… $12.00
  • The Man I Was Supposed to Be

    The Man I Was Supposed to Be

    by John Struloeff

    Poet Eavan Boland wrote: "These poems are beautifully shaped, and written with such verve that they finally become a dark, unswerving music of self-discovery. The subjects are vari… $15.00
  • Strong Place: Poems '74-'84

    Strong Place: Poems '74-'84

    The first full-length collection of poems by Paul Marion, whose writing Apple Tree Review described as "clear, precise, and earthy." Stony Hills compared the poems to those of… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Apples and Oranges (1986)

    Apples and Oranges (1986)

    This chapbook includes poems set in New England and Southern California, where Marion had lived in the mid-1980s. The poem "A Higher Level of Notation" was commissioned by the… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Middle Distance (1989)

    Middle Distance (1989)

    Written in the spirit of Gary Snyder's bioregional literary ethic, this full-length collection advances Paul Marion's hyper-local writing project. The book opens with quotatio… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • The Loom Reader (1986), ed.

    The Loom Reader (1986), ed.

    This chapbook-style anthology of poems by nine writers includes early work by Maurya Simon and Juan Delgado, graduates of the University of California, Irvine, MFA Poetry Workshop.… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Chanthy's Garden (1988)

    Chanthy's Garden (1988)

    by George Chigas

    A powerful sequence of poems based on the experiences of a young woman, a refugee from the "killing fields" of Cambodia who resettled in the United States in 1981. The poems i… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Merrimack Poetry Anthology (1992), ed.

    Merrimack Poetry Anthology (1992), ed.

    by Kathleen Aponick, Jane Brox, Paul Marion

    a collection of poems by 52 writers from the Merrimack Valley of New England. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Vital Records

    Vital Records

    Vital Records: Poems from the LIRA Writing Workshop (1994), ed. In chapbook format, poems by 12 writers from three poetry workshops that Marion led in 1992 and 1993 for the U… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • No Image

    Hit Singles (1995)

    Out of Print

    by Paul Marion

    Fourteen poems in chapbook form, all of which were published one by one in literary journals, magazines, and anthologies, such as Yankee, Bohemian (Japan), The Salmon (Ireland), Be… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Generator Room(1999), ed.

    Generator Room(1999), ed.

    by David Ireland, James Coates and James Higgins

    A photo-documentary catalogue of an innovative public art project at the nineteenth-century Boott Cotton Mills of Lowell, Mass. The book captures David Ireland's vision for reclaim… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Fractured Identities; Cambodia's Children of War

    Fractured Identities; Cambodia's Children of War

    by james Higgins and Joan Ross with Sovann-Thida Loe

    In this photo-documentary book, Higgins and Ross trace the changes and growth among young Cambodian-Americans in the ten years since the publication of their book Southeast As… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • French Class (1999)

    French Class (1999)

    French Class (1999), by Susan April, Paul Brouillette, Marie Louise St. Onge This book is an important contribution to the literature of New England. In their poems, essays, and j… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Baptism in the Merrimack (1999)

    Baptism in the Merrimack (1999)

    This chapbook-length collection of writings starts out in Lowell, Mass., and winds its way back to the author's ancestral home in Rapidan, Virginia,  along the Rapidan River. … $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Lost Baggage

    Lost Baggage

    Out of Print

    Charles Levenstein's poems touch down in familiar and strange territory. He maps the interior landscape whose signpost bears his own name. Home and away, back and forth, old and ne… $0.00 Currently Unavailable