• Cameo Diner

Cameo Diner

In Print

by Matt Miller



"The work of Matt Miller is full of this thing called conscience. This is not a writer pining for a stint on a famous talk show, or eager to 'network' to find out about the next literary contest that might give him a glimpse of recognition. Matt writes, as a fellow Merrimack Valley writer, Andre Dubus, once described it, 'Into the silence of mortality'--into the mystery of what it is to be human, with our annihilation always a possiblity, with our determination always plucking us up from despair. How is it that human beings survive, the poet seems to ask, with so much madness about, so much danger--so much impulse on the part of the powerful to use the next human being as part of an agenda." - Joe Hurka, author of the Pushcart Prize-winning memoir Fields of Light

"Matt Miller is that rare poet who has us realize, after lifting our eyes away from one of his exacting poems, that we are among the sleep-walkers. Here, seeing is sensuous. His modulated imagery and full-bodied lines are rivaled only by his grand sense of our humanity, hammered and stamped by the work we perform, the cirmustances we are born into and what decisions we are faced to bear. Cameo Diner signals a new voice with no need of a chat room, and yet in dialogue with all that we once were and definitely where we are today." - Major Jackson, author of Leaving Saturn