Dave Robinson

Dave RobinsonDave Robinson is from Lowell, Massachusetts. He studied English Literature, the Arts and Spanish at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, and received his MFA in Poetry from San Diego State University. After eight years on the West Coast, where he worked in an insurance brokerage house, a surf shop, as a copy editor and freelance writer, as a writing instructor at SDSU, in the Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, and in landscape construction, he returned to Massachusetts. He has published articles, poetry, fiction, illustrations and photos in a variety of magazines and literary journals, including The Surfer’s Path, The Surfer’s Journal, Poetry International, Margie: The American Journal of Poetry, Surfer, Entelechy International, Powder, H2O and Renovation Journal. Sweeney on-the-Fringe is the first in a trilogy, and Dave swears he’s hard at work on the second and third books as you read this.

  • Sweeney on-the-Fringe

    Sweeney on-the-Fringe

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    by David Robinson

    “Owen Kivlin, the narrator of Dave Robinson’s novel Sweeney On-the-Fringe,sidles up to the reader as unassumingly as Ishmael and announces that he’s got a tale to tell. And what... $15.00